Best Indoor Activities For Children

Jul / 23 / 2019

There’s nothing like enjoying a rainy day wrapped up in a blanket, sipping a cup of hot tea. Unless you’re a parent, that is. Usually, the kids have a different plan in mind and you need to be ready to engage them in a variety of indoor activities fit for children to ensure they don’t get bored and tear down the house. 

If your children don’t find any of the activities you come up with interesting enough, we have a solution! Just take a short ride to the finest indoor playground in Chandler, AZ and sit back and relax while the kids burn off their energy.

Read on to find out what you can do with your kids inside! 

What is there to do with kids inside?

If you and your kids are stuck inside on a rainy day, you need to come up with activities and games your kids can play inside that will keep them occupied for at least a little while. Here are some activities your kids are sure to enjoy.


Similar to hide-and-seek, the sardines game is done in the dark, with all blinds and drapes closed. The darker the house the better. The game starts when one person goes to hide and everybody else starts searching for the hider. Whoever finds the hider should sit next to them and wait to be found. The last player to find the hiders is the loser.  

Spider game

To play this game, you will need a small blanket that can be thrown and wrapped around your kid’s body. One of the players is the “Spider” and the rest are the“Prey”. The Spider stays on a designated spot on the floor with the blanket that serves as the “spider’s silk”, trying to toss it at the other participants running in a path around them. The game ends when the Spider ensnares every Prey with the blanket.    

Guess the tune

This one is quite simple but can bring unlimited levels of fun. Line up the participants and give them pots and wooden ladles or spoons and tell them to put the pots on their heads. Then, play some familiar songs for them to guess. If someone knows the song, they have to buzz in by tapping the pot with the ladle/spoon. If they get it wrong, make them eat something they don’t like, such as a vegetable or sour candy. 

What are good indoor activities?

If you need more ways to maintain the peace in your home when the kids are getting restless, here are some more creative ideas: 

  • Bake a cake or cookies: your kids will be eager to help you if they know that a delicious treat is the result of their work. Encourage them to help you make the dough and decorate the dessert. 
  • Paint together: whether it’s abstract finger painting or experimenting with watercolors, creating artwork with your kids is a great way to keep them engaged. Once they’re done, hang their masterpieces for all to see. 
  • Learn a dance: find a trending dance on Youtube and get the whole family to learn the moves. Even if your dancing skills aren’t great, you and your kids will have loads of fun trying to make it work. 
  • Make a homemade pizza: everyone loves pizza! It’s even better when the whole family makes it together. Get your kids to help you make the dough and let them choose their favorite toppings. 

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