How to Encourage Your Kid to be Physically Active

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It is common knowledge that children, especially toddlers, have a lot of energy. Channeling that seemingly boundless energy in a structured way can be a bit challenging at times. So how can you achieve this?

The first thing that comes to mind is taking up sport. But what if the child isn’t very sporty? How do you encourage your child to be physically active and have fun at the same time? Better yet, can this be done at a toddler birthday party venue in Chandler, AZ? The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Here are some professional tips and tricks you can use to help your kid:

How do you encourage your child to work out?How do you encourage your child to work out?

Encouraging children to work out is not an easy task. Toddlers are too young to understand the benefits of doing some physical activity. They want to have fun, watch cartoons, or play video games instead, whereas many parents would prefer to curb their kids’ screen time.

Children learn best through playing games and interaction. A good alternative to watching cartoons would be providing an opportunity for your child to jump around and play. Read on to see how you can accomplish this.

1. Channeling your child’s energy into doing something productive

Toddlers have a lot of energy and innate curiosity about the world around them. However, because of their short attention span this energy can be dissipated, which is why it should be channeled through a structured physical activity. For example:

  • Taking up sports
  • Playing at a local public playground
  • Doing some fitness exercises at home
  • Role playing and acting
  • Helping around the house with minor chores
  • Visiting an indoor fun park, which can be beneficial as a physical exercise, but also stimulate your kid’s imagination

2. Socializing

Playing is a great way for children to learn how to socialize and lift their team spirit. Interacting with their peers helps them create strong bonds with other members of the group and learn how to work in a team. This is pivotal for the child’s development and its integration into the society which should start at an early age.

Should you force your child to exercise?

Should you force your child to exercise?

Forcing anyone, let alone children to do anything has never produced positive long-term results. The same goes for exercise. However, there are ways to motivate and encourage your child to exercise without imposing anything.

1. Connect the physical activity with something that your children can relate to

Children love cartoon characters and they relate to them easily. They also have the tendency to imitate them or even look up to them. It doesn’t matter if your child loves an action hero or a princess. What all the protagonists have in common is overcoming obstacles, and in order to do that you need to be healthy and strong. The best way to achieve this is through regular exercise.

2. Make it fun

Everyone likes having options. As a parent you can encourage your children to make the right choice. They can stay at home and watch cartoons or play with their action figures or they can go out and live the life of a superhero for a day.

For example, a safe place that offers this exciting adventure for your children is an indoor fun park. Celebrating your toddler’s spring-themed birthday or spending time solving obstacle courses during Easter holidays is always a good cause for taking them to a well-equipped playground.

What is the perfect for a toddler’s birthday party venue in Chandler AZ?

After you make a stop at Arizona Railway Museum, don’t forget to reward your kids with some jumping and running opportunities in a safe environment.  The answer to this question is Uptown Jungle. Our fun park is easy to find and it offers an abundance of activities and play equipment which enable the children to embark on this wonderful adventure instantly.

Our facilities are suitable for children of all ages and our numerous amenities such as trampolines, super slides, mini ziplines, ninja and obstacle courses and ball blaster arenas will encourage your children to be physically active while having the time of their lives.

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