How to Throw an Engaging Birthday Party for Kids

Oct / 31 / 2019

Birthday parties are all about fun. Children seem to enjoy these get-togethers more than many adults do since they get to jump and run around with their little friends. However, kids tend to get bored rather easily without a variety of activities to keep them occupied during the whole party.

That is why we’ve prepared a set of tips to help you organize an engaging birthday party for children and make sure everyone’s having as much fun as possible. The first step toward throwing the best kids’ party in Chandler, AZ is to choosing the right birthday party venue that has everything a child could need to stay happy and energized. With Uptown Jungle, you get all of that and more!

How do you keep kids busy at birthday parties?

Are you worried that your kid’s birthday party will be a total disaster? While it isn’t impossible to fail at throwing an entertaining party, you’ll have nothing to worry about if you follow these tips: How do you keep kids busy at birthday parties

  • Keep the party short. A short and sweet party is the best option if you want to avoid kids getting cranky. Two to three hours is more than enough for kids over five, while a one to two hours is perfect if you’re celebrating a toddler’s birthday party.
  • Don’t forget to supervise. In order to prevent total chaos, make sure to have enough supervisors at the party. If you’re booking a venue, ask how many staff members will supervise the kids, and have other parents help out if you’re celebrating at home.
  • Choose engaging activities. Due to their short attention spans, kids need a lot of stimulation to stay occupied for a longer time period. Pick out activities that are entertaining and dynamic, making sure each kid is involved.
  • Be careful about food. Too much sugar is never a good thing and that’s especially true for kids. Keep candy to a minimum to make sure the children stay reasonably crazy. For instance, instead of serving both cake and ice cream, stick with just one option.
  • Make sure the adults are having fun. Kids’ birthday parties should be fun for adults, too! Provide appropriate food and drinks and make sure the parents also have something fun to do in addition to looking after the kids.

How do you entertain children’s parties?

As all parents know all too well, kids need a lot of attention and entertainment to stay busy. That’s why choosing appropriate activities and games for a birthday party is a must if you want to keep the kids entertained. Read on to discover some simple but effective activity ideas!

Hire a face painter

Most kids would surely love face painting and other face and body decorations, especially younger ones. Whether you choose to hire a professional or ask a friend to do it, this activity is sure to keep the kids engaged for at least a little while.

Have a balloon pit

Who doesn’t like balloons? Children sure do! A ballon pit is a great way to entertain kids of all ages and it’s fairly easy to prepare. Simply fill one of the rooms in your home with balloons (making sure to move furniture out of the way first), let the children in, and voila!

Play some music

Activities that incorporate music are always a great choice for kids’ parties. Whether you choose musical chairs, freeze dancing, or musical hot potato, the kids are bound to enjoy jumping and moving to the beat. What’s more, these activities can be fun for adults, too, so don’t hesitate to encourage everyone to join the fun.

How long should a birthday party last?

How long should a birthday party lastNeither the kids nor the parents are likely to enjoy a party that goes on for too long. Of course, if you choose to book a venue, you won’t get to choose the length of the festivities, but if you’re celebrating in your house, make sure to decide on an endpoint and clearly state it in the invitations.

A general rule of thumb is to keep parties under three hours long. However, the right length of the birthday party will depend on the age of the children. Keep it under two hours for kids five years old and younger and up to three hours long for older children.

Choose the best venue for a kids’ party Chandler, AZ has to offer

While home parties can certainly be fun, they definitely require a lot of time and effort to plan and organize. And just think about all the mess you’d have to take care of once the party is done!

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