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Uptown Jungle is the ultimate birthday party venue for your kids.

We provide everything for your child’s birthday party to ensure that their party is a raging success.

Low Pricing

Open Hours

A Ton of Fun Attractions

Climbing Walls
Spider Tower
Mega Play Structure
Super Slides
Toddler Area
Mini Zip
Ball Blaster Arena
Ninja Course
For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Play like a pro. Learn some tips and other useful information prior to your visit.

Indoor Playground Family Fun Near Me in Chandler? Uptown Jungle is the First Choice

If you want to provide your children with playful experiences they will remember for years to come, Uptown Jungle, a dreamlike indoor playground for kids, is just the perfect place. An adventure park like no other awaits you and your little ones, bringing a variety of engaging activities and perks for everyone who steps inside. Welcome to kids’ dreamland!

Indoor playground family fun near me? Uptown Jungle is the first choice

What makes our fun park one of the leading indoor playgrounds is our complete dedication to bring you family experiences that will enrich your children’s lives. At our extraordinary park in Chandler, AZ, your little ones can discover a variety of action-based activities that will inspire them.

Our staff strives to motivate children to be healthier, happier and more active individuals through play, social interaction, and quality family time. Start making precious memories at our multi-level adventure park!

On the hunt for indoor birthday party ideas? We’ve got the solution!

At our indoor playground, you can find multiple birthday areas with all types of delightful, yet easy birthday party games all children will love. You can plan a birthday party in Chandler, AZ all the kids will rave about by simply contacting us.

Our kids play area is suitable for children of different ages seeking unique and memorable party experiences. While parents enjoy themselves at the adult lounge, children can tackle different obstacles and engage in a variety of activities in a stimulating environment. Get our creative discounts today!

Chandler affordable indoor play area and trampoline park near me? That’s right – Uptown Jungle

Parents shouldn’t worry about their budget limits, but be able to provide everything their children need. This is why we offer all-inclusive admission passes that hide no additional costs. Parents can even play at half the price!

What’s more, we always have some special discounts in store, organizing discount events and preparing coupons you’ll love! Sign up for our Buy One Get One Hour of Play Time on Us club effortlessly!

Our exciting trampoline park in Chandler is just the beginning: Visit us!

We’re so much more than a jump trampoline park and we can prove it. But, make no mistake – our trampolines are available to any child who wishes to see the world from another perspective.

Yet, super slides, play structures, climbing walls, life-sized video games, and countless more activities can be found within our magical indoor playground that will put a smile on your kids’ faces.

What else does an indoor playground for kids near me offer?

A clean and healthy environment where your children can play worry-free. We’ve devised a cleaning routine that ensure the highest hygiene levels at our adventure park. Also, you can even bring or buy grip socks for your little explorers for maximum security.

What’s more, our indoor playground features top-quality padded flooring for kids, so you can be at peace. So, whether you’re organizing a kid’s birthday party or want to sign up your child for summer day camp, Uptown Jungle is the place to be in Chandler, AZ.

Community-driven indoor playground and trampoline park in Chandler

Here at Uptown Jungle, we nurture our close-knit community and want to promote its growth. We do so by enabling our neighbors to spend quality time with their families, organize fundraising activities, plan church meetings, and set up youth groups! So, aside from taking your children to the Chandler Museum or the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center, you can now visit Uptown Jungle for family time together!

On top of all that, we have an incentive program for schools, enabling them to motivate children by rewarding them with free passes after achieving their set goals. Let’s get motivated together!

Indoor playgrounds in Chandler, AZ that go beyond trampoline parks

We are the go-to choice for fun. You don’t have to be young, even if you feel young you’re welcome. We organize fundraising and team building events for any organization in Chandler and team parties to celebrate the season. Feel free to call us to get the information first-hand. Here is more useful information on site: handy things to know before visiting us, our opening hours and pricing, as well as discounts.

With us, fun is guaranteed, as well as our dedication to organize a memorable kids party in Chandler, AZ your little ones will remember with a smile. Download our app and get an hour of free play!