Unforgettable Birthday Parties

Chandler’s #1 Party Place for Kids!

Uptown Jungle has been fine-tuning its party throwing craft since 2014, and we are ready to share our secret formula.

Ready? Here it is:

Family + Friends + Food + Fun at Uptown Jungle = A party for the ages!

All housed in an indoor, family-friendly facility packed to the brim with endless attractions. This unique party experience will be the one kids talk about with their friends for years!

A Party Package Fit for Royalty

Our party packages include everything from a party room, event coordinator, party host, food, drinks, table ware, grip socks, and lots of action-packed playtime! We even take care of the set-up and take-down. Customize your party package by adding additional food, premium goodie bags, crafts, and other unique options. Mix and match to create something your child will love.

Play Party
(Play Only)

Mon-Sun: $199

  • Up to 10 Guests
  • 120 Minute Playtime
  • Grip Socks
  • Birthday T-Shirt
    (Does not include food, drinks, party room & party host)

Weekday Party
(Best Value)

Mon-Fri: $249

  • Up to 10 Guests
  • Includes: Play Wristbands
  • Grip Socks
  • 2 Lg Pizzas
  • Choice of Drinks
  • Choice of Color Tableware
  • Birthday T-Shirt
  • Private party room for full 120 min
    (Additional Child: $20 ea.)

Weekend Party
(Most Popular)

Sat-Sun: $299

  • Up to 10 Guests
  • Includes: Play Wristbands
  • Grip Socks
  • 2 Lg Pizzas
  • Choice of Drinks
  • Choice of Color Tableware
  • Birthday T-Shirt
  • 45 min Private Party Room
    (Additional Child: $20 ea.)

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Blowing out candles & eating at home? View our group play rates.

Go above and beyond with our custom parties such as after-hour parties, park buy-outs & more!

Our Team Knows How to Party

If there was a school for throwing parties, our staff would be valedictorians. Our dedicated event coordinator will work right along with you as you prepare and plan for your party. Our highly trained party hosts will accompany your party to provide an experience that goes above and beyond your average day at Uptown Jungle. If requested, they can even lead the party in some fun games and contests around the park!

The Party Process:

  • Our event coordinator will contact you prior to the event to ensure all plans are to your liking.
  • Show up 15 minutes early with your guests to check waivers, receive wristbands & grip socks.
  • Let the fun begin! Children will have access to all features in the park.
  • Your party will be gathered into a private party room for 45 minutes where food, cake, and presents will be waiting.
  • Your party host will be working alongside your party to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that your experience is exceptional.

Create Your Own Uptown Jungle Invitation with Ease!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Parents considered “Party Guests”?

    “Party Guests” only refers to the participating children. Parents who are there to watch are free. If a parent would like to join in and play, they can purchase a wristband at half-price normal admission. If you would like to provide food for the other parents who attend, we recommend adding additional food to your party package.

  • What decorations are included in the party package?

    Parties come with a standard set of decorations which includes a tablecloth, plates, napkins, and plastic ware. Confetti, silly string, and pinatas are not permitted.

  • What about a birthday cake?

    Celebrate big by bringing your child’s favorite cake or dessert. We do have candles but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • Can I bring my own food & drinks?

    We have teamed up with a quality pizza vendor to provide some delicious food options for your party guests. There is an outside food fee for any items you bring in for your party. Please speak with our event coordinator for more details.

  • Do I have to sign a waiver?

    Guests of all ages, including parents, are required to have a waiver signed to be in the facility. We encourage them to sign their waivers online beforehand to save some time at check-in.

  • Will I have access to one of your private party rooms?

    As the kids play, our staff sets the table, prepares the food, and brings in the presents. Time to celebrate! Kids and parents will get 45 minutes in the private party room to eat and sing to the birthday kid.

  • What's the etiquette on opening birthday gifts?

    While gifts are an awesome part of a kid’s birthday, we encourage children to open gifts at home to avoid hurt feelings from any of the guests.

  • Can I add additional guests to my party package?

    Yes, the first 10 guests are included in the party package but you can add up to a total of 16 guests. Each additional guest is $25. If you plan to have more than 16 please call us for a custom quote as your party may require additional add-ons.

Super Fun Guaranteed at Kids' Birthday Party Venue in Chandler

Uptown Jungle brings you fun, safe and family-focused activities when you and your kids want to spend some quality time. Our carefully designed air-conditioned facility in Chandler welcomes you with a variety of playing features both parents and children enjoy. Offering everything from trampolines and climbing walls to obstacle and ninja courses, our indoor playground is a splendid kids’ play area and an excellent place for kids’ parties as well. If your children are younger than 5, there’s Uptown Tots – your toddler will love every minute of their birthday party in this special play area!

On the hunt for suitable kids’ party area in Chandler AZ? Check out our fun park

You want to organize an indoor birthday party or one of those wonderful themed children’s parties for your kid, but you loathe to think of all the hassle and mess involved in both the planning and the big day itself. With us, in our adventure park in Chandler, all the stress is gone.

We’ll accommodate your guests in our first class indoor playground, wonderful adult lounge and in private party rooms managed by the party host whose goal is to give your family the unforgettable experience you deserve. All you need to do is pick one of our cost-effective birthday packages and enjoy your kid’s special day!

Dreaming of a perfect Chandler party place for toddlers? Visit Uptown Jungle!

We know that throwing a toddler birthday party intensifies parents’ concerns regarding safety and hygiene. That’s why in our fun park in Chandler and elsewhere, we follow a thorough cleaning procedure which includes multiple cleanings during the day and deep cleaning every night. Also, we have excellent padded flooring for kids and there are grip socks for extra safety.

On top of that, our friendly staff has designed stimulating games and activities specifically for toddlers. Your little one will want to keep returning to Uptown Jungle once they get the feel of freedom and adventure so typical of our park.

Affordable and welcoming kids’ play area that delights parents

Our door is open to you and your kids at all-inclusive prices that hide no extra costs. Pay at the door and everything that there is in our fun park is at your disposal for the whole day. We take pride in our special discounts and coupons, trying to make each parent and kid as happy as possible.

If you feel like trying our super slides, go for it or try out any other appealing play structure at half the price and share joy with your little ones. Get ready for the fun with some useful information. Don’t miss our Buy One, Get One Hour of Play Time Free of Charge, let your kid enjoy our dreamland today!

Searching for ‘indoor play places near me’? Uptown Jungle is the answer!

We are known for providing healthy kids activities in a very clean and well-controlled environment. Perhaps you have enjoyed valuable historical lessons in Arizona Railway Museum and Holocaust and Tolerance Museum, but now you need a place where your kid can break free and burn some extra energy? Our indoor playground is a perfect place for that, and what’s best, you can choose whether you want to play with your kid or have some me-time in our upscale adults’ lounge. Visit us, put a smile on your kid’s face!

More than a kid’s birthday party place in Chandler

Apart from being a great venue for indoor play, quality family time and kids’ parties, our adventure park in Chandler is a place suitable for team-building activities, fundraising events, youth group meetings, and similar community-driven events. And that’s not all! We introduced the Fun For 5 bookmark incentive program in which our creative activities and rewards help teachers and church leaders to motivate children. We want to set kids up for success because our goal is to achieve greatness together!

Kids’ party places in Chandler and beyond

Uptown Jungle operates as parents’ precious ally and kids’ fantasy world not only in Chandler but throughout the area. Also, our exciting trampoline park in Chandler offers more than kids’ play. If you’d like to throw a fundraising or team building party for your office, church, or any other organization, consider our fun-packed space. We have had many Chandler sports team parties here as well. Feel free to call us for any information you need.

Looking forward to welcoming you!