Birthday Party Games for Unmatched Levels of Fun

Aug / 16 / 2019

Kids love birthday parties, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a perfect opportunity to have fun with all of their friends, eat tasty food, and have new adventures. But if you’re a parent, birthday parties may not be as fun. Naturally, you want to ensure your kid and their friends have a whale of a time, but it’s not always easy to come up with fun birthday games that kids will love

When planning a birthday party for your kid, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to think about. That’s why our amazing trampoline park in Chandler, AZ is the perfect place for celebrating your kid’s special day. We’ll take care of all the preparations, from providing engaging indoor activities and fun games kids can play inside to food and drinks. All you have to do is have fun! 

Read on to discover fantastic birthday party game ideas! 

What games can be played at a birthday party?

There’s a reason why certain birthday games remain popular for generations. Hide-and-seek, for example, never seems to go out of style. Here are some more birthday games that never stop being fun: 

Treasure hunt

You can get creative with this one. Depending on the children’s preferences, you can have a pirate treasure hunt with a treasure map, a secret agent mission with a set of clues to follow or simply hide some candy around the house. 


Have two adults or older kids hold a long stick (e.g. a broomstick) at around stomach height. The point the game is to have kids take turns trying to go under the stick without touching it, but only by leaning back and bending the knees.

Egg toss

While egg toss is usually played with hardboiled eggs, it’s much more fun if you don’t boil them. Either way, give one egg to each pair of kids and have them toss it between them. If both kids catch the egg, they move one step back and keep going until someone drops the egg. The pair that manages to toss the egg from the furthest distance wins.   

Simon Says

Have one child be the game leader and shout commands (‘tap your head with your left hand’, ‘bend your right knee’, etc.) to the rest of the kids. They have to mimic the leader’s behavior but only if they say “Simon says” before doing it. If the players move when the leader doesn’t say ‘Simon says’ or do the wrong move, they’re out of the game. 

What can you do for a birthday party at home?

Children just want to have fun and a birthday party at home can be a blast if you plan it right. You don’t need a special occasion if you come up with thrilling games and activities that help kids burn off energy and keep their attention. Here are some ideas: 

  • Have a dance party. Children love to dance! Unlike adults, they aren’t ashamed of their moves and will love jumping around to the beat. You can make it even more fun by having the kids freeze up whenever you stop the music. 
  • Set up an obstacle course. If you have a backyard, arrange a set of fun obstacles, such as slides, limbo sticks or boxes, and have the children compete trying to complete the course. You can do it indoors too, but with some limitations. 
  • Let them get messy. Unless you want to have to clean up food splattered all over your walls, have the kids do this in the backyard. Tell the kids that they will get pied in the face if they lose in any of the other games they play. Don’t be surprised if the food throwing gets out of hand, though. 
  • Play the telephone game. The game starts when one person whispers something to the kid next to them. The second kid whispers what they believe they heard to the next in line. Once the last child hears the sentence, they say it out loud (they’ll probably get it wrong). 

We host awesome parties at our trampoline park in Chandler, AZ

There’s no doubt you can have an amazing birthday party at your home if you put in the necessary effort into the organization. Nevertheless, you’re bound to be exhausted even before the party starts if you have to do everything yourself. 

Why not let us think about the preparations? At Uptown Jungle, we love throwing fantastic birthday parties that are fun for kids and parents both. What’s more, you can bring your kids to our adventure park any day if Tumbleweed Park doesn’t do the trick anymore. Stop by today!